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Our art program curated by 1805 Gallery, has teamed up with the talented contemporary artist Sarah Stieber to the Porto Vista Hotel! We are excited to announce that she is working on a massive and electric mural on our 5th floor rooftop patio.

Sarah Stieber is known all over for her highly saturated, colorful, energetic and lively style of painting. Stieber created the centerpiece paintings for Courtyard Marriott San Diego and Springhill Suites by Marriott in Oceanside. Her artwork was spotlighted at the “San Diego Dreaming” exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art and she was featured during Art Basel at Spectrum Miami in 2017, 2016, and 2014. Stieber was awarded “Best in Show” at La Jolla Art Festival, and was the featured artist of Art walk San Diego 2016. Publications include a “One on One” with the San Diego Union Tribune and front cover features in the San Diego Downtown News, San Diego Uptown News, San Diego Daily Transcript, San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Reader, and Bogamia Art And Fashion Magazine, Miami Stieber has appeared with her paintings on the CW6, Fox5, and NBC news.

The wall of our guests favorite hangout spot is now getting the Stieber flare! Stieber has been working around the clock to finish one of the largest pieces of her career. Her attention to detail, choice in colors and vibrant personality channeled through her work is what makes her paintings so unique and fun to admire. We are anxious to reveal the final product and can bet that everyone will be in awe! So stay tuned for details on her artist reception and Follow Sarah on Instagram or Facebook for live progress pictures and posts.

Picture yourself here for spring break!

Spring into San Diego sunshine and escape the cold weather with our spectacular Springtime special. Experience the beautiful weather, check out new eateries in Little Italy and fun filled events happening in our neighborhood. You can enjoy:

Almost perfect weather, beaches, vibrant night scene, dynamic food spots, craft breweries, when you think San Diego can’t get any better…it does!

With San Diego ranking in #7 of Trip Advisor’s Top 25 destinations in the United States our city definitely feel the love. Good news, if you haven’t visited lately there’s much more to love about San Diego than before. Our city is constantly evolving with new eateries, attractions, and events. Check out below the exciting new additions that you’ll adore:


Just a block down from us is a new public square and marketplace where the community can gather to enjoy farmers markets, concerts, and cultural events. The 10,000-square foot Piazza  is a popular place in the neighborhood that’s perfect place to socialize, eat, drink and experience the fun yet chill San Diego vibes.

Theatre Box:Downtown San Diego gains an extraordinary luxury movie theatre with nine bars and six food venues spread across the two story, 73,000-square-foot space. Formerly known as the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp has completely transformed after a multi-million dollar renovation. When you’re in town watch movies in style at the Theatre Box, you wont be disappointed!


Love Little Italy’s Farmer Market on Saturdays? Our weeks just got better, they’ve added one on Wednesdays too! From 9am to 3pm rain or shine, the Little Italy Mercato will be setting up shop for our guests and locals to enjoy. Go ahead and skip on over a block to find tasty snacks, produce or handmade goodies.

Acoustic Ale & Art Nights at the GlassDoor: We are pleased to announce that our GlassDoor restaurant will be launching an Acoustic, Ale and Art nights! Sip on some $6 ale specials, listen to soothing acoustic sounds, and admire talented work by local artists. The launch party will take place on February 21st from 6p-8p. The event will reoccur every third Thursday of each month afterwards.

More fun to love and enjoy in San Diego are the new Can’t get enough local handmade goods and one of a kind pieces, check out the Gaslamp Artisan Market that occurs every Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Love museums? Well Old Trolley Museum Tour made it even easier to conveniently visit more by adding 10 more museums to their route! Click the link above to check out their list.


Something sweet has arrived on India Street! A small batch, chef driven ice cream shop made by hand with local ingredients has people flocking and standing in long lines to give it a try.  What’s awesome about Salt Straw is their sense of community. They love to involve neighboring eateries in producing exclusive and one of a kind flavors. Belching Beaver Beer and the infamous Crack Shack are just a few who they had already partnered up with. The owners encourage to sample, sample, sample before selecting your decision since all are so flavorfully wonderful.

Now being added in San Diego’s diverse dining scene is the Little Italy Food hall! Located at the Piazza della Famiglia, the food hall features six food stations and a full bar.  With Italian tradition in mind, the Bar offers a full range of spirits to Italian wines and liquors. From out of this world but delicious tacos that include meatloaf or pastrami to a mouthwatering Lobster roll the wide variety of  dishes will make it very difficult to choose just one!

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Impress that special someone with our Adore your Amore‘ room package this Valentine’s Day!

We’ll take care of the accommodations, the romantic dinner, breakfast, champagne, and even chocolate dipped strawberries. Have your loved one feeling adored without breaking a sweat. What better place to spend Valentine’s Day than Little Italy? Just a block down is the Piazza del Familgia, Art Galleries, boutiques and so much more.

For only $344 all inclusive of tax and gratuity you and your partner will enjoy:

Check out the Valentine’s Day Prix-Fixe menu here

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Celebrate New Years Eve in Style at the Porto Vista Hotel

End 2018 with a romantic get away and venture off to Little Italy with your loved one by booking our Romantico New Years Eve Package!

Check out below all the awesome perks you and your partner can enjoy:

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Our new art program has been off to an exciting start and there’s so much more to come! Thanks to 1805 Gallery we have a line up of new exhibitors and projects in the works now. Read on below to see what’s in store at the Porto Vista:

Jenessa Goodman’s has revamped our lobby and hallways with an elegant feel by her mystical gauche and ink paintings. Her series of paintings were composed of imagery derived from dreams, nature and patterns. The majority of the pieces are large scale but are full of tiny detailed patterns that merge, shift, and change among an eye-catching design. She describes her pieces as “The art I’ve made in the last few years is charged with emotion. It documents the alchemical process of personal growth, change and rebirth”. Learn more about Jenessa’s inspiration, journey and techniques in 1805 Gallery’s interview. Her work will remain in our lobby until November 25th.

Up next on December 1st, will be A Porto Vista Kitschmas Special by Brian and Ryan! The art duo are well known Southern California artists who take a fun spin on Christmas and call it Kitschmas. They describe the experience as “that childhood moment of excitement when you wake up on Christmas morning and unwrap a mountain of plastic toys including that one offbeat toy from your great-great aunt. And it’s that feeling of euphoria you get as an adult years later when you once again come across that same toy from your childhood at a rummage sale.” The festive out of the box installation will fill our lobby up with twinkling lights, glittering excesses and corky ornaments. Bryan and Ryan use the power of Kitschmas to bring out your inner child and take you to a place of comfort, humor and familiarity. The installation will be available for viewing from December 1st-January 6th.

In the works now are two more elements of surprise in our hotel. Soon we’ll be revealing, revived hallways and a memorizing mural! Ashley Fenderson has composed a lively design that will brighten up the isles and take a playful turn with sunlight. Sara Stieber (pictured on right) will be painting her largest scale of work on one of our 4th floor walls. It’ll be an electric picture of a lifestyle scene that’s full of bright and saturated colors. Be on the look out for our reveal and artist receptions on these two projects!

Our Conveyor exhibition is still up for viewing as well.Experience Daniel’s Corrales work as you travel through our main elevator to your destination. The interchanging lights reflect off the teal colored walls and create a portal like trip! The installation will be up until March 2019, so be sure to give it a ride.

Many more projects are still to come. In 2019 our art program will extensively grow and display exiciting work! If you love what we’re doing and want to participate, feel free to contact us at social@portovistasd.com

Ever stop to smell the flowers at your local farmer’s market? If not, its definitely something you’re missing out on! The flower scents are refreshing while the surroundings are full of local vendors offering an array of awesome items. Farmer’s markets have definitely grown in size, locations, and popularity. They offer many benefits to one’s health, community, and shopping habits! If you haven’t already, you should check out your local farmer’s market.

There’s a lot to like about food from the farmers’ market. For starters, it’s healthier, better for your body thanks to the farms themselves. Most are small, non-industrial, hands-on, usually family-run or cooperative operations, with close ties to their land. They tend to value and treat it right by using low-impact, pesticide-free, sustainable farming methods that are kinder and less poisonous to the soil and the food that’s grown in it. You’ll be choosing from whole, healthy, unprocessed fruits and vegetables – often nothing in a box, bag or can. By buying and eating clean, nutrient-packed foods, and eliminating a majority of the processed food ingredients this will get you on track for a healthier lifestyle.

Shopping at the markets increase your awareness on what you’re purchasing and also supports your local farmers, entrepreneurs, and vendors, all who care about your health and environment. With your new shopping habits, you are investing not only in yourself but getting to know your local community. With the rise of self-serve checkout machines at your local supermarkets, there’s little opportunity for human interaction causing the shopping experience to dwindle. Not so at the farmers’ market, which can be a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors as well as the real people who grow your food.

Join the local chefs every Wednesday and Saturday at our Little Italy Mercato which is just a block over from our hotel!

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Don’t put those cool weather clothes away just yet! In San Diego the sun is still beaming and temperatures are still in the high 80’s. Book our Endless Summer Deal to continue the season fun and take advantage of our special which includes:

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Some blackout dates may apply. Full amount of room and tax is requiring at the time of booking.

The holidays are known to be a popular time for travel. Whether it be a getaway far from home or a weekend staycation to your favorite park of town, it is always important to create a checklist in order to insure safe travels. Follow these 7 safety tips for a memorable and stress-free holiday vacation:

  1. Make sure that you prepare your home for your trip. Lock all doors and windows and put a hold on your mail delivery if your trip is five days or longer. Holiday season can make your home a target for burglary and mail theft. Avoid this by double checking your home before your departure and asking a family member or friend to check on your home during your vacation.
  2. Leave a copy of your trip itinerary and important documents with someone close to you. Leave copies of these documents and necessary contact information with a trusted friend or family member and it will be extremely helpful in case something happens during your vacation.
  3. Keep your valuables at home. Along with travel comes the risk of losing luggage or theft in a highly congested area. Ladies, avoid wearing flashy jewelry and wear a cross-over purse when traveling in an area with large crowds. Men, put your wallet in your front pocket rather than your back pocket.
  4. Always carry an extra charger for your phone. Bringing a portable charger with you is very helpful for travel as you may heavily rely on your phone during your trip for maps, reservations, communications, and for public transportation such as Uber or Lyft.
  5. Stay hydrated. Long walks and tours tend to be a big part vacation. Make sure you are staying hydrated, especially if you are traveling somewhere with high temperatures. Bring a reusable stainless steel or plastic water bottle with you to avoid purchasing water bottles during your stops.
  6. Avoid heavy traffic if you can! If you plan on driving during your trip, check the road conditions ahead of time. You can avoid heavy traffic and accidents hazards by checking traffic maps on phone apps such as GoogleMaps and Waze Navigation.
  7. Wash your hands. When visiting tourist attractions or areas with large crowds there is a higher risk of catching illness. Avoid catching a cold during your trip by washing your hands often.

Follow these tips and enjoy a stress-free and relaxing holiday vacation!

Summer may be coming to an end but the hot weather in California is reaching new heights. Record breaking temperatures across America have led many of us to pool-hopping and beach-going. San Diego is known for perfect weather but even we are seeing some of the affects of globally increasing temperatures.

According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, July was the hottest recorded month in California since 1895, with a statewide average temperature of 79.7 degrees. In the month of August, San Diego temperatures are expected to reach the high 80’s. It’s not just the outdoor temperature that is rising, the ocean is heating up too. On Friday, August 8th, at 79.2 degrees, the ocean temperature in San Diego was the warmest it has been in 102 years! Although these temperatures seem high for locals, travelers from near and far are visiting San Diego to enjoy the summer sun. Here are some tips for the San Diego traveler, trying to stay cool:

  1. Catch Some Waves at San Diego’s Best Beaches. Porto Vista Hotel may be located in city but we are only 12 short minutes away from the nearest beaches. A guaranteed way to stay cool is hopping in the ocean and going for a swim.
  2. Wear Lightweight, Loose Fitting Clothing. San Diego is paradise, so slip on a Hawaiian shirt and stay cool. If you didn’t pack any, San Diego has great places for shopping. You may or may not leave San Diego with a whole new summer wardrobe.
  3. Stay Hydrated. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water during hot weather. It is recommended that you consume between two to four glasses of water in excessive heat. So keep chugging that H20 and while you’re at it, take a trip up to the fourth floor at PVH and grab a signature cocktail from GlassDoor!
  4. Participate in Indoor Activities. San Diego is home to some of the best museums and attractions in the country. If you’re having trouble staying cool outdoors, check out some of the museums near by. Balboa Park has 17 museums with a diversity of collections from all over the world. Museum-hopping is a guaranteed way to stay cool and learn something new while you’re at it.
  5. Brewery Tours. For the 21 and up crowd, San Diego is the epicenter of the craft beer industry. Check out Brewery Tours during your stay, to sample beers, go behind the scenes, and meet brewers.